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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

HowTo recompress SD800 videos

MJPEG is overkill. It's no doubt. PCM 8 bit 11khz sound is too large too (even if it just sounds bad). So let's recode it.

After lot of trial and failure (no, I don't want to rip my DVDs, only transcode my legal stuff...), I found a good setup:

Using MediaCoder
Use this configuration file. It use xvid for video at 90% quality setting, in AVI container, and reduces noise with a "High quality 3D" noise filter. Well, from what I've looked at, it works. The sound is converted to MP3 so my dvd player will be able to the file (it plays xvid files).

Keywords: 8bit sd600 sd700 Canon transcode transcoding