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Thursday, 27 August 2009

git notes

This message is for me only. I don't not expect you learn anything from this or even think this is useful. This post represents a huge amount of fighting with blogspot editor.

WORN: git is similar to perl: write-once, read-never.

  • git config --global color.ui auto (1.6+)
  • git config --global user.email me@me.com
  • git config --global user.name "Mini Me"
  • git config --global alias.st status
  • git config --global alias.br branch
  • Basically everything at http://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Aliases#Shortcuts 
  • echo *.pyc>>.git/info/exclude
  • Edit these two in your ~/.gitconfig
    • [alias] 
    •   ignored = "!cd \"$(git rev-parse --show-cdup)\" && git clean -n -d | cut -c 14- | sed -e \"s/\\/$//\""
    •   ignoreall = "!cd \"$(git rev-parse --show-cdup)\" && git clean -n -d | cut -c 14- | sed -e \"s/\\/$//\" >> .git/info/exclude"
  • Use git-prompt! I use:
    • max_file_list_length=30
    • default_user=me
    • default_host=myhost
    • default_domain=mydomain
    • cwd_cmd='cwd_truncate 30'
    • and enable only the VCS I use.
  • Use git-completion.bash!

  • git remote add origin2 user@host:path/to/repo.git
  • git pull --rebase remote_name remote_branch
  • git svn clone svn://host/repo --stdlayout
  • git svn clone svn://host/repo -T sub/directory
    • You may want to use --prefix=origin/ but I like to just type "trunk" instead of "origin/trunk"
  • git svn rebase 
  • git push remote_name remote_branch 
    • remote_name and remote_branch are optional if branch.merge is set
  • git merge --squash --no-commit [other branch]
  • git mergetool --tool=kdiff3
    • when vimdiff is unsufficient and I'm on X
  • git cherry-pick (hash)
    • from the branch where you want to include your change
  • git checkout -b new_branch trunk
  • git checkout another_branch file_to_bring_here
    • another branch can be HEAD~1 for a past revision
    • note the file is implicitly "added" so git diff will not display anything, use git diff HEAD
  • git revert (hash)
  • git add .
  • git add -p
    • To index only some parts (hunks), useful to discard some changes by following with a commit and reset.
  • git reset "file"
    • Really the reverse of git add "file"
  • git commit -a -m "bleh"
  • git commit --amend
    • Modify the last commit
  • git branch -D branch_to_delete
  • git push origin :branch_to_delete
  • git reflog
    • To find a deleted branch back
  • git checkout -b new_branch HEAD@{1}
    • To revive it
  • git rebase -i default~2^
    • To squash or amend previous commits, reappend to previous head. Warning, rewrites history! ^ means rewrite on the parent 
  • git rebase --continue
    • Never rebase after pushing something!! Only merge!


  • git branch -a -v
  • git diff old..new
    • Every commit you can reach by new not reachable by new
  • git diff master...HEAD
    • reachable by either but not both, XOR
  • git diff master...
    • HEAD is implicit
  • git diff `git merge-base HEAD master`
    • refer to 3 commits before
  • git diff HEAD~3
  • git diff HEAD^^^
  • git diff HEAD^2
    • alternate parent
  • git diff master~2^2
    • headache, really
  • git log HEAD ^trunk
    • when trunk was updated, awesome
  • git log -p HEAD ^git-svn
    • full diff per log
  • git log --pretty=oneline
  • git log --pretty=format:"%h %an %ar - %s"
  • git log --pretty=format:"%h %an %ar - %s" --graph
  • git status
  • git clean -d -n -x
    • list currently ignored files
  • git blame -C1 file
    • search for renames
  • git diff --merge
    • for 3-way merge conflict
  • git show (hash)
    • will show how a merge conflict was fixed

Then read http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/user-manual.html

screen notes

This message is for me only. I don't not expect you learn anything from this or even think this is useful.
C-a means Ctrl-a

Key         | Action           | Notes
C+a c       | new window       |
C+a n       | next window      | I bind F12 to this
C+a p       | previous window  | I bind F11 to this
C+a N       | go to window N   |
C+a "       | window list      | window list is in status line
C+a C+a     | previous window  |
C-a ?       | help             | unbound commands only
C+a :       | screen cmd prompt| up shows last commands
C+a Esc / [ | scrllbck/cpy mode| Enter start and end region
C+a ]       | paste buffer     | Supports pasting between windows
C-U / D     | page up/down     | While in copy mode

Efficient screen workflow:
  • On 2 monitors, start 2 fullscreen ssh sessions
  • Use screen -R -D on the first
  • Use screen -x on the second
You can now use screen as text based window manager. (awesome)

To use screen on the ADP1/G1/N1, use ConnectBot.

Also useful:

# Bind F11 and F12 (NOT F1 and F2) to previous and next screen window 
bindkey -k F1 eval prev fit 
bindkey -k F2 eval next fit 

vim / vimdiff notes

This message is for me only. I don't not expect you learn anything from this or even think this is useful.

ctrl+w, ctrl+w
switch windows
ctrl-w, J
Move the window down
diff obtain
doesn't work in 3-way?
diff put
doesn't work in 3-way?
previous difference
next difference
diff update
:syntax off
syntax off
open folded text
close folded text
:set paste
Disable auto-indent

select text
select lines
select vertical block
yank (copy)
paste after the cursor
paste before the cursor
selects an area equal to the yank buffer
replace paste
replace paste NN times
yank to system clipboard

But this page is better: http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/vimcheat.html
And the real reference: http://www.vim.org/htmldoc/quickref.html#quickref, accessible from inline help.
This one is awesome: http://jmcpherson.org/editing.html