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Friday, 20 July 2007

Logitech dinovo edge pairing?

I tried to pair a Logitech dinovo edge with a Dell axim x51v with no luck. In fact, they paired correctly but nothing that I type in gets to the x51. That's pretty sad since the x51v is discontinued, it will never work. If anyone got both to work together, please contact me.

I got it to work with my lenovo T60, I had a hard time though. It seems like you have to type the numbers and press enter FAST, otherwise you won't hear the congratulation beep.
The included dongle works well too. It's just not as useful for portable devices. :)

The upper right Windows key starts Winamp, that's nice. :) The missing "application" (or if you prefer "context menu") key is really bothersome.

[Update 2007-07-26] To pair with the WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack, I had to update to version (For my W2K3 x64). Before the upgrade, I entered the keypass and nothing happened. On Vista, I installed the driver and I had no problem. To update the stack, you have to have a device that the manufacturer paid for support. That's pretty sad, given the poor support you have with Windows.

Hint: To backup your driver, look in your %TEMP% directory for a directory created at the moment your started the updater, during installation. Copy it in a safe place just in case and/or for analysis.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Free build

For people that wants to build VS2005 projects, Microsoft gave an alternative. It's the Microsoft Windows SDK for Vista. It installs on Windows XP too. You simply start the CMD Shell and type vcbuild to build the solution. It almost works all the time!

Update (2007-07-19): I didn't realize that Microsoft released the Windows SDK Update for Windows Vista which now includes the VS2005 SP1 compiler!

That's great (old) news.